Yvonne Merchant
Mother (2017)

I have known Dr. Raju since I was really young... My mom was his patient post I was born... she went to him for all her gynaecological problems... When I touched puberty I had irregular menstruation for which I consulted Dr. Raju and was diagonised with PCOS... I got myself treated and got married... When I got to know I was pregnant... I didn't give a second thought but consulted Dr. Raju & Dr. Ankesh... Now I'm in my seventh month of pregnancy and Dr. Raju and Dr. Ankesh have been there for me just like family... I'm looking forward to a very smooth remaining pregnancy and delivery under their guidance...

Shano Hanspal Hakim
Mother (2016)

I first came to know about Dr Ankesh n his father Dr Raju thru a friend of mine who had wonderful things to say about them. I was actually going to another Gynac but soon changed my mind the min I met them. No Dr can explain things better than Dr. Ankesh he has such an easy flow with his words that can calm u down in a min. If it was not for Dr Ankesh I would have not taken my first walk after my c sec nor would I have been breastfeeding my child. In today's time v call Dr's at their off clinic hrs n they do not reply but in Dr Ankesh's case he is the one who reaches out to u at all times like a friend would do.... I could go on and on but would at last I would highly recommend Dr Ankesh to all u women out there. TRUST me wen it comes to him ;) All the best Dr Ankesh U ROCK

Delnaaz Mistry
Mother (2012, 2016)

Dr Ankesh has vast experience in his field and spends lot of time with the patients to discuss their problems. He just treats you like a friend. Easily available on whatsapp 24*7 in case of emergency. Would recommend everyone to visit Dr. Ankesh for their problems. Thank you for treating me so well.

Namrata Gandhi Shah
Mother (2012, 2015)

Pitter-patter, three times over!!!

The magic of Dr Raju has helped me realise my dreams of motherhood through the most incredible journey ever.

The formidable duo of an experienced, skilled and rock-solid supportive Dr Raju along with an enthusiastic and cheerful Dr Ankesh makes Pushpaa hospital a winning combination for all seeking to start a family and bring joy into their lives.

I am assured that in Dr Raju and Dr Ankesh; two exemplary shining beacons, I've found friends like family who will always be there for me no matter the time or place.

A home away from home, Dr Raju's maternity hospital is the one-stop place for resolving all maternity and gynaecology related problems.

More power to all the doctors and staff at Pushpaa to continue putting happy smiles on families faces I would recommend Pushpaa a hundred times over to every woman I meet!

Isha Saran
Mother (2015)

Dr. Raju a very humble person who welcomes everyone with a huge smile on his face which makes us forget our problems, he took care of my health during my pregnancy as a family rather as a doctor a beautiful place with a healthy atmosphere of staff made my stay during delivery in hospital as if m at my home n a special thanks to dr Ankesh who kept on trying to divert my mind from my labor pains with his hilarious conversation ....

Mark Miranda

As one enters into a new segment of life by beginning a family or adding more to one's family, there is nothing better than a family helping another family. Dr Raju Sahetya and Dr. Ankesh Sahetya thank you for the wonderful experience that we felt all throughout our pregnancy and delivery.


We really felt at home and we very comfortable as we knew we were in safe hands. We always had a lot to discuss and all our queries were answered to our satisfaction. 


The team of Dr Raju Sahetya with his vast experience and positive attitude, Dr Ankesh Sahetya with his fresh outlook and eagerness to help and Dr Ninad Hebbalkar with his friendly nature were the perfect combination to our successful pregnancy and delivery.

We thank you for such a memorable experience. God Bless you always

Linette Banerjee

Dr. Rajhu is an excellent doctor..We were blessed to have him help us through my entire pregnancy and an amazing delivery of lovely baby girl. Very professional very loving and the hospital is homely and just the right place you need to be during this important time of your life. Having Dr. Ankesh there is another blessing, you will rarely find a friend in a doctor he is one of them...who does not only guide you but will put you at ease in everything.

Great place to be.....We recommend it to everyone.

Parita Anavadia

Dr.Raju and Dr.ankesh special was vry supportive...met him on d last day fr d first time...was vry helpful and so positive...it was a wonderful experience... So friendly nature...2nd home fr me... Thankyou for being der all d time... Special thnx to Dr.ankesh... God bless u

Resham Sahani
Story of beating PCOD (2017)

I remember it was around March 2013 when I gained weight and i was weighing around 85-90 kg’s. I felt not so confident about my body and myself due to the weight I had gained I used to feel so embarrassed in public. Then my mother took me to PUSHPAA HOSPITAL and made me meet DR. RAJU SAHETYA that's the day after which I never looked back. He helped and motivated me get through all of it to reach where I'm today like an understanding friend and a doctor. I used to give up in between so many times but he helped me stand up and taught me to fight with my eating habits, PCOD, and hormonal imbalances and to workout regularly. I’m sure even you’ll can fight all of it too just like me.

Madhulika Choudhary
Mother (1994)

I visited Pushpa hospital 26 years ago thinking that I will meet a doctor. But to my surprise I met a friend. And these 26 years this friend named Dr Raju Sahetya has taken great care of me.

My twins were born at Pushpa and I was looked after very well. I still remember when I was taken in for c section and I had no fear whatsoever. Today also all my problems are solved very simply by Dr Raju.

But there is one change. Now his son Ankesh has joined him and he is equally talented and warm like him. I wish all the best to Pushpa and the team.

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