The Ultrasound department of the Pushpaa Hospital is a state-of-art the department equipped with latest machines. It is managed by an experienced and dedicated team of doctors.

The department has the latest equipments available. This machine has extreme resolution & several probes for different applications.

lace and Ambience
It is centrally located convienent to both out-door and indoor patients and spread over a large area. Each machine room offers total privacy for the patient & a changing room.

The department works continuously and is available for emergency work round the clock with consultants being available.


  • Routine & high resolution ultrasound of Abdomen, Kidneys, Gynaecology & Obstetrics.
  • Intra operative ultrasound.

Interventional Ultrasound
Interventional procedures (like biopsies and aspiration) ARE done, which often avoids major surgeries.


Various Interventional Obstetrics procedures like Chorionic Tissue Sampling, Amniocentesis, Cordocentesis and Cardiocentesis and Fetal Skin Biopsy for Genetic Prenatal Diagnosis 

The procedures are done in a well equipped room with facilities for monitoring patient during the procedure.

Intra-operative Ultrasound
Different probes for different intra operative work are available. This is extremely useful to the surgeons and is a unique facility.

Portable Ultrasound
Machine is available for portable ultrasound to serve the sick patients at their bed side.

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